Chinook Crate issue

Chinook Crate issue

Just a heads up i’m aware of the chinook crate not droping on the x5 server. Im tring to figure out what the deal is. I’m thinking its a plugin issue so I have been removing plugins one at time to see what one is causing the issue.

Sorry about that.

Update: 02/19/19
I added A new plugin called Dangerous Treasures that drops a Box with rare items.. This is for the missing Chinook Crates untill I figure out what is going on with Chinook.


4 thoughts on “Chinook Crate issue

  1. TY for ur work keeping the server running and updated. 1 of the things we get outta the DT box is the quarry. Can u pls enable placing them and make survey charges loot/researchable? Cheers

  2. The problem with your crate not dropping is that it only drops by default when more than 1 player is online and your server rarely ever has more than 1 player online, thus it rarely drops and appears to never drop to that one sad player who has made your server home.

    All you have to do is set it to drop when there are only 1 players instead of 2+.

    This is common sense if you read up on each plugin you’re using. But who would expect you to do that when you’re busy tending to your hurt feelings.

    1. Thanks for the update, Captain Pepe. this was an old issue and if you looked at the update in comments I said Crates are dropping.


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