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Server Hardware update and IP Change

Server Hardware update and IP Change

Sorry for late notice, But I did not know of the update until today when I saw server was down. My host sent update news yesterday that I just now got. So I was not able to get a heads up out.
But the upgrades should be good for us with better performing server.

New IP is


We will have some server downtime 11-30-17

We will have some server downtime 11-30-17

Hi All, we will have some server downtime on 11-30-17 due to Host Hardware being moved to New cabinets. This will happen in this time frame On November 30, between approximately midnight and 10 am CST,

So we could be down a few hours.

Here is the notice from my host.

“Our facilities provider in Chicago, Internap, is requiring that we move several cabinets’ worth of gear in this facility over to new cabinets. We have been planning these moves for the last month and coordinating with Internap to try to make them as smooth as possible. We have done such moves successfully many times in the past.

We have moved other cabinets already, over the course of several mornings (we are doing them early in the morning to minimize customer impact). On November 30, between approximately midnight and 10 am CST, we plan to move the equipment in the cabinet hosting your specific service. This means that you will see your service gracefully shut down at some point during the window (close to the beginning of it), and boot back up later in the window (as soon as we have finished moving all of the gear — at least several hours later).

We will be taking every precaution to be as careful as we can with your hardware. However, there is always the possibility that a hardware problem will be revealed by the move. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you back up any irreplaceable data that you may have stored on the server.

If you require very high levels of uptime and the hours of downtime will cause problems for you on the 30th, please contact us, and we can investigate how we can help, such as by providing a temporary service or moving you to other hardware. (While most of our cabinets in Chicago will need to be moved, a couple will remain in place, and those will only see downtime when our router is migrated this same morning — likely less than 60 minutes.)”