To the player having issues on our Rust server.

To the player having issues on our Rust server.

Sorry But I am the only Admin on this small server that sometimes goes a day or two without having any players so I don’t have any other admin and I do have a job other than running this server so I can’t be here 24/7 we do have a website with forums and Discord that you could have left a message
informing me of the problems you were having.

Servers do have hickups and randomly restart I did not restart the server on you I was at work. I did find were you died and flies were still around your invisible body, I would have helped you out. But I doubt I would have given you 47 rockets lol. But to say “Fuck you and your trash server ” in chat
I will never help you and for that, you are Banned. Sorry for your wasted 20 hours.


4 thoughts on “To the player having issues on our Rust server.

  1. Hey biggest butthurt server owner in Rust, please explain to me:

    “I would have helped you out. But I doubt I would have given you 47 rockets lol.”

    If you read your own words, you admit that you wouldn’t have given me back the things I lost, and that means that you wouldn’t have actually helped me out. You might have thought you helped me out, but to not give the items I lost due to the unnecessary server restart means to not help out, which justifies me calling your trash server exactly that, trash.

    So good luck with your trash server. I was the only one that plays on it for the two days I was on, not a single other soul joined. But it’s a good thing you kicked the one player that was active. That’s really how you get a good server going.

    By the way, earlier when you WERE online and I gave you two problems, you didn’t help with either one. You didn’t give back scrap that disappeared (you said you’d ask around? what kind of help is that? You need to check your plugin configuration, not ask a few bros if their scrap disappeared too) and I asked about sign boards not being able to be painted on and you said you’d look into it, and didn’t.

    Maybe don’t run a server if you can’t actually help with the most basic features like signboards and missing scrap.

    In over 1200 hours of Rust, I have never seen such a butthurt inactive server owner who does nothing but note down complaints and not actually doing anything about it.

    You claim you’re not around but yet you have time to get all offended by me calling your trash server trash.


    1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you fast enough. I told you I was looking into the scrap issue I’m not going to just give people items that they said just disappeared from their inventory that they might have just accidentally dropped.
      I did forget about the sign issue you asked about because I was looking into the scrap. I see no problems with the signs. and I’m not going to give someone 47 rockets because you say that’s how many you had… Sorry, The server Restarted on you when you were in the middle of a raid, It’s happened to me before and it sucks. Still no need to say Fuck you and your trash server.
      -Butthurt Server Owner 😉

      1. Actually it is a good reason to say fuck your trash server. Your server is absolute trash and you banned the only guy playing on it this week, further trashing your trash server.

        I never asked for the scrap back or the rockets back, I simply told you that it’s devastating that items I work hard for disappear and cancels out the whole purpose of playing Rust.

        Reloading is also an issue due to the servers’ terrible lag. At one point I had to reload the rocket 11 times just to get a rocket in it due to your lag. I know it’s your lag because I have a gigabit connection and had no problems on other servers I joined that same day.

        With a few minutes of research, you could have found out that the way your Oxide plugins are configured, it only allows imported sign using a URL and not hand painted signs like the vanilla gives. You could adjust that, but that would require an actual competent server owner.


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