Chinook Crate issue

Chinook Crate issue

Just a heads up i’m aware of the chinook crate not droping on the x5 server. Im tring to figure out what the deal is. I’m thinking its a plugin issue so I have been removing plugins one at time to see what one is causing the issue.

Sorry about that.

Update: 02/19/19
I added A new plugin called Dangerous Treasures that drops a Box with rare items.. This is for the missing Chinook Crates untill I figure out what is going on with Chinook.


2 thoughts on “Chinook Crate issue

  1. TY for ur work keeping the server running and updated. 1 of the things we get outta the DT box is the quarry. Can u pls enable placing them and make survey charges loot/researchable? Cheers

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