Thinking of Letting a couple servers go.

Thinking of Letting a couple servers go.

I’m thinking of letting a couple servers go because hardly anyone plays on them anymore. The Hidden Source and Day of Defeat Source.  I love The Hidden, But with the last windows 10 update, it’s very hard for me to play. When I play the Hidden now my mouse will randomly aim at the ground or sky or just spin me in circles. Very annoying.

Day of Defeat I also love but rarely play and I only use it for the stats website for The Hidden. So I think I will remove both of them, And maybe look for something else to install.
If you have any suggestions of what game to have a server for leave it in the comments.

It’s really hard for me to delete The Hidden lol Lots of fun memories on that server.  Had that server running since 2013 and SeaNanners made a video on the server

I’m thinking of trying out a Vanilla Rust server to see if does any better then the Modded Rust Server. I see you can have Oxide installed with only admin tools and it can stay in the Community tab.




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