Rust Server Plugin Update-

Rust Server Plugin Update-

Hello, all

I have added and removed some plugins. on the Plugin I removed was Remover Tool.  It was brought to my attention that some things could be done using this tool which could ruin the game and make people leave the server. Sorry I love having the remover tool But until I can figure out a way to use it without the bugs it will be gone. I have added a Player reporting plugin That when you are killed, It puts 3 buttons on your death screen that lets you report the player that killed you If you think Hacks hacks were involved or they were playing with more than 3 to a group.

The reporting plugin is installed now, If you have any problems with the plugin let me know. The reports are sent to Madman Gaming Discord server channel Rust-Reports that only I can enter.

Please don’t abuse the report Buttons.




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