VDS upgrade

VDS upgrade


Update::  The old map is back…  Backed up from last night so maybe a little setback. Better than starting over.

Hey, I looked into upgrading my VDS server to a more powerful server and I contacted my host and asked if this would wipe my Rust server and they said there would be no data loss on the upgrade. So I went ahead and upgraded my VDS from 4 core to 6 core.  And Umm yeah it wiped the map.

I now have a ticket in support to see if they can fix it for us.  If it cannot be fixed I’m sorry.
On the other hand, we do have a better Server.

Update:: This really sucks 🙁  So far we have restored from a backup with no luck.  I don’t think we will get it back.

The support ticket is still open. I’m hoping maybe the CEO will come in on my ticket he has jumped in on my tickets before and fixed things others
could not fix.




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