Do to VDS update Reboot. The Rust Map was wiped Sorry

Do to VDS update Reboot. The Rust Map was wiped Sorry

Sorry, Last night there was a Scheduled  VDS Server update that I knew was going to happen and I forgot to backup my server files before the update in case something happened. Well, something must have gotten messed up and the result was a map wipe for the Rust server #1 Sorry.



Update: For the person that left me and everyone else messages on the Rust server. I did not wipe the server. The map somehow got corrupt in the VDS update. I woke up to the Map wipe.
And why would I risk losing players that I have with an unscheduled map wipe?

And yes I do play on the servers, I make that clear on the forums here

I play with a none admin account Named Drew I don’t raid and I don’t go actively after people. I farm and build and will defend if someone comes to raid.
Below is a picture of the notification I got for the server update that happened early in the morning at 1:30 am on the 20th that caused our problem.

Most of the people I run into on the server I tell them I’m the Owner and I also told you.  So If you have a problem you can move on.

–Madman AKA Drew

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