Rust update not doing to well with our servers :(

Rust update not doing to well with our servers :(

Update: 04/14/17
Everything seems to be working fine now.  But when the servers restart it takes about 15 minutes for you to be able to log back on. Hopefully, that will get better with future updates.

The new Rust update is really wreaking havoc on our servers. I just got this from our host I will post it below. So, for now, the servers are running like crap.. nothing I can do about that. Sorry



From my Host
Today’s Rust release contains a major change to the way it runs. Every time that each server is started, the game server now re-calculates an AI pathfinding mesh for the entire map, using 100% of every available CPU core for a minimum of several minutes (longer for complicated or large maps). While it is doing this, the server can’t be used and does not respond to queries.

This is wreaking havoc on our systems by completely destroying the performance of machines. In cases where a machine hosts multiple Rust servers, they can take 10s of minutes to start, also leading our systems to think that the servers are not working properly and repeatedly restarting them.

To allow machines to continue to be usable by our systems and other customers, we are temporarily reducing the priority of all Rust servers to be lower than other processes on our machines, until the developer fixes this (either by removing the new code entirely or by modifying it to be much more well-behaved, such as by performing the calculation in a single low-priority background thread). We hope that the developer fixes it ASAP.

Update: We also are noticing that servers are using far more CPU than they did previously, following today’s update (servers that were using 50% of a core are now using 100%). We do not know if this is related to the new AI code, but if it’s not fixed with another update, we will likely have to raise prices to compensate for it.

All in all, this is perhaps the worst update we’ve seen yet in terms of server performance.

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